The art of self-management

Author: pt Shriram sharma acharya

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God has given man freedom to think and act according to his own choice. No other living being on this planet has this unusual privilege. Consequently, man has to bind himself with the disciplines of nature it by exercising self-control (samyam). Man is expected to regulate his thinking, character and behavior by codes of modesty, incorporated in various doctrines of religion.

The faculty to differentiate between right and wrong enables a person to make a prudent choice of those natural disciplines which are conducive to progress, whereas with the help of organisational skill one carries this choice to fruition by working and making others work accordingly. The monotonous, unvarying patterns of living in the life of animals indicate their lack of organisational skill. Persons who do not make an endeavor to develop and use this exclusive divine gift of organisational skill are doomed to live like animals.

Table of content

• Competence is not a Rare Commodity
• How to transmute body and mind
• Keep the mind discerning and alert
• Basic principles for development of organizational skill
• In order to be pragmatic consider past and future environments
• Those close to us must be encouraged to imbibe excellence in life
• Cultivation of a high ambition for developing organisational skill

Author pt Shriram sharma acharya
Edition 2011
Publication yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
Page Length 64
Dimensions 120X182X2 mm
  • 08:06:PM
  • 5 Dec 2021

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