Donation Of Time The Supreme Charity

Author: pt Shriram sharma acharya

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Charity means Giving. It involves an endeavor to energize and develop natural capabilities provided by God to each human being and benefiting others there from. This is the basis for creating heavenly environment on this earth.

Taking ie. Hoarding, usurping tantamount to depriving others of their rights and advantages. This, in fact is an act of sin of which hell is a metaphorical expressionAll super person born in this world have used an exclusive methodology for promotion of excellence. They reciprocated by multiplying manifold whatever they received and gave it to the world Donation of money is only symbolical. It could as well be misused and create adverse reactions for the receiver. Real donation is that which one makes of ones talents, since out of talents only are generated wealth a. resources. Donation of time is charity in real sense since time is a natural gift of God available to everyone in equal measure.

However, one is not motivated to donate time for higher objectives unless there emerges in the heart of the person an insensible urge to follow ideals in life.

We are passing, through an unusual phase in human history. The emergency necessitates immediate decision and fast action, like the one required when fie house is on fire or the train is about to leave the station. Had Hanuman, Buddha, Samarth Guru Ramdas, Vivekanand and other super persons not taken a timely decision and action, they would have missed the glorious opportunity, which later made them famous.

Jesus Christ has rightly said that an opportunity for a virtuous deed must be grabbed even if it is within the reach of left hand, lest one is misguided by Satan in the short time taken by bringing the right hand the right place.

Table of content

• The Significance and Propriety of Donation

• There is no time for Complacency

• An Unprecedented Opportunity not to be Missed

• Donation of Time: The Supreme Charity

• A Change in Perspective would Hasten the Change in Environment

• An effective Capability

• Credibility and Talents are universally required

• Devote Maximum Time for Creation of a New Order for Mankind

• This is what Energetic Zealous persons will do

• A rare Opportunity to become a Torch-Bearer

• About the Author

Author pt Shriram sharma acharya
Edition 2009
Publication Yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
Page Length 80
Dimensions 120X180X4 mm
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  • 11 May 2021

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