Procedure Of Yagya

Author: Pt Shriram sharma acharya

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The Yajnas and other modes of worship described in the karma-kanda section of Vedic Scriptures are not mere routine rituals. They are extraordinarily potent means of producing creative and occult energies of deeper and higher realms of subtle and invisible dimensions of consciousness. They are a culmination of long and deep research done by Indian Rishis. They provide an audio-visual structure to the human Endeavour of realising the divine consciousness within themselves by the practice of the subtle yoga-sadhana.

The unseen powers that lie hidden within us are awakened and given an organized direction by these rituals. Even medicinal qualities can be produced in ordinary substances by applying various ritualistic means to the procedures of making medicines. A very definite role is played by ritual worship in the awakening of illumined thoughts, positive inclinations and right values. Therefore ritual worship should not be ignored, nor should it be practiced only as a means of getting cheap and easy worldly gains. It is dangerous both to look upon rituals as being the beginning and end all of worship as well as to treat then as meaningless Their limitations must be properly understood without forgetting their inherent value. Ritual worship may be simplified and shortened but its influence can only become powerful enough to achieve the desired goal if it is performed with a heart full of unflinching faith.

The invocation of gods through the medium of yajnas, the chanting of mantras, the purity of feelings, the decision, determination and discipline required for performing the yajna, all put together have such a tremendous power that they can generate a mass of blazing energy which can easily bum the impurities of our lower nature as well as transmute them into virtues.

Table of content

• Key to Pronunciation
• Introduction
• Suggestions for organizing a Yajna
• Purpose and form of the Yajna
• Preparation for the Yajna
• Protection from fire
• Articles required for performing a Yajna
• The importance and utility of Gayatri Yajna
• Science of Yajna
• Preliminary karma-kanda
• Routine procedure for the conducting of a Yajna
• - mangalacaranam
• - Pavitrikaranam
• - Acamanam
• - Shikhavandanam
• - Pranayamah
• - Nyasah
• - Prathvi pujanam
• - Sankalpa
• - Changing of yagyopavita
• - Chandanadharanam
• - Raksasutram
• - Worship of kalash
• - Dipa pujanam
• - Invocation of gods (Devavahanam)
• - Sarvadeva namaskarah
• - Sodasopacarapujanam
• - Svastivacanam
• - Raksa vidhanam
• - Agnisthapanam
• - Gayatri stavanam
• - Agni pradiptanam
• - Samidhahanam
• - Jalaprasecanam
• - Ajyahutih
• - Gayatri mantrahutih
• - Svistakrithomah
• - Devadakshina-purnahuti
• - Vasodhara
• - Nirajanam Arati
• - Ghratavaghranam
• - Bhasmadharanam
• - Kshama prarthana
• - Sastanga namaskarah
• - Subhakamana
• - Puspanjalih
• - Santi – abhisincanam
• - Suryarghyadanam
• - Pradaksina
• - Gayatri stuti
• - Yajna mahima
• - Guru vandana
• Resolution for creating a new world order
• Visarjanam
• Jayaghosha
• Deva daksina sraddhanjali

Author Pt Shriram sharma acharya
Edition 2011
Publication yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
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  • 11 May 2021

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