Jivan Sadhana A Noble Art of Living

Author: dr pranav pandya

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Svayam vajimstanvam kalpayasva
svayam yajasva svayam jusasva
Mahima tenyena na sannase.

Yajurveda 23 /15

"0 mighty yajna purusa (sacrificer)! Make your own body strong and capable. Perform the yajna yourself. Engage personally in religious pursuits. No one else can attain the glory that belongs you."

Dear reader! The spring breeze charged with the subtle vital energy of Yugdevata (Time Spirit) has come in the form of these printed exhortations to fill you with new life, new spur and new hope. This breeze will blow off all the dust which the passing time may have deposited over the smouldering embers in you and rekindle it into leaping flames. You will experience the upsurge of a radiant glow, energy, warmth and ardour inside you that will propel you vigorously in the direction of jivana sadhana - the way of leading a healthy, vibrant, enlightened, happy and balanced life.

If you are sensing the stir of these feelings inside you, surely the Yugdevatas subtle pranic force has touched you somewhere. Otherwise, you would not have felt this new alertness and enthusiasm. Do not quibble about who is outwardly penning the words or framing the sentences.

Table of content

1. The Enlightened State of Self-awareness
2. Thought, Character and Conduct- the Triad of Personality
3. Attainment of Goal through Faith in the Divine
4. The Melodious Music of Life is played on the Instrument of Sound Health
5. Tapa and Vrata bring Order into Life
6. Hitbhuk, Mitbhuk, Ritbhuk
7. Dress should accord with the national culture
8. Imaginations should be meaningful with deep conviction in them
9. Firm determination is a mark of spiritual progress
10. Know the essence of tender emotions
11. Guidelines for sharpening the intellect
12. How to enrich our creative talents and memory?
13. Let creative potentials materialize fully
14. Creativity is developed by noble and positive thoughts
15. Embrace high ideals, achieve excellence
16. Guidelines for cultivating self-confidence
17. Develop self-respect
18. Development of virtues —the only touchstone for self-evaluation
19. Key to all round success
20. Mutual understanding and tact
21. What should be ideal attitude towards adversities?
22. Stress is a boon, welcome it
23. Recognize the value of time
24. How to make the personality magnetic?
25. Self- expression should be effective
26. Characteristic attributes of leadership
27. Who can be a true visionary?
28. Let the fragrance of Jivana Sadhana waft across on this Vasant .
29. Golden tips for living a purposeful life

Author dr pranav pandya
Edition 2011
Publication Yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
Page Length 146
Dimensions 140X216X11 mm
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  • 5 Dec 2021

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