Applied Science Of Yagya For Health And Environment

Author: Dr. pranav pandya

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Yagya-therapy is an ancient method of herbal/plant medicinal treatment derived from the. Vedic texts. In yagya natural herbal/plant products are processed in fire and medicinal vapors, gases and photo chemicals are released. It is basically an inhalation therapy that promises wider healing applications without any risk, of side effects or drug-resistance. It is cost effective and natural and provides added benefits of purifying the environment and balancing the Eco-system.

This book aims to introduce the readers to the ancient knowledge and modern scientific findings on yagya (fire-ritual) with special focus on preventive and therapeutic applications for holistic healthcare. It also presents detailed information and guidelines for yagya-threapy of several diseases and disorders — including the dreaded ones like Cancer and AIDS — that have challenged the world today.

Yagya Therapy –The key to Holistic Health

Yagya Therapy is an ethno-botanical inhalation therapy derived from the ancient Medical Science of India, The multiple benefits of yagya experiments include purification of atmospheric environment and healthy fertilization of the soil. Scientific validity and technical evaluation of this Vedic ritual in recent times indicate its enormous potential for reducing air-water pollution and for agricultural and therapeutic applications.

Table of content

• Yagya Therapy - Key to Holistic Healthcare.
• Yagya Therapy for Diseases of Digestive System and for Blood and Skin Infections
• Yagya-based Cure of Malaria, Viral and Other Fevers
• Yagya Therapy to Cure Cancer
• Yagya Therapy for Respiratory System and
• Yagya Therapy to Control Diabetes
• Yagya Therapy to Get Rid of Obesity
• Yagya Therapy for Oral & Dental Diseases and Eyesight Problems.
• Yagya Therapy to Curb Joints and Spinal Problems
• Yagya Therapy for Psychiatric Healing & for Mental Vigor And harpness
• Yagya for Vitality and Immunity.
• Recent Research Findings
• References
• Appendix:
• List of available popular English and. Botanical names of Herbs/Plant Medicines.

Author Dr. pranav pandya
Edition 2011
Publication Yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
Page Length 120
Dimensions 143X215X8 mm
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  • 5 Dec 2021

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