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A mass movement was launched under the guidance of Param Pujya Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya on the solid foundation of Gayatri and Yagya, the two pillars of divine Indian heritage. This movement has spread with lightning speed throughout the world. Keeping in view the need of the hour, various steps have been taken to simplify the ritualistic procedure of Yagya with a view to making it universally appealing and acceptable. This has been achieved by adoption of Dip Yagya.

Dip Yagya has made possible, the propagation of Gayatri Sadhana and a life style guided by the injunctions of Yagya in a very short period to large populace. Its popularity spread with tremendous speed due to the use of lamps and fragrant sticks which are universally used in worship and prayer by all religions. Therefore, followers of all faiths participate in Dip Yagya without hesitation. Also Dravya Yagya in vogue requires much longer time and is, therefore, performed in batches, turn by turn. The devotees participating in Dravya Yagya thus fail to derive the full benefits of inspiration from it.

Dip Yagya however is completed within a much shorter period of about one and half hours and all participants collectively enjoy the delightful and enchanting view of the twinkling lamps. They thus derive the full benefit of inspiration from Dip Yagya.

Table of content

• Introduction
• Dip Yagya Paddhati (Procedure)
• Surya Dhyan – Prayanam
• Tilak
• Sankalpa Sutra Dharanam
• Upasana (to sit nearby)
• Sadhana (To mould life in accordance with divine
• Aradhana (Selfless Service)
• Samayadan
• Ansh Dan
• Kalash Sthapan
• Guru Vandana
• Dev Namaskar
• Pancopchar Pujanam
• Agni Sthapana
• Gayatri Mahamantra
• Purnahuti
• Arti
• Arti of Gayatri
• Our Yug Nirman Pledge
• Jaya Ghosh (Applause)
• Visarjana
• Santipatha

Author Brahmavarchas
Edition 2010
Publication Yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
Page Length 38
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  • 5 Dec 2021

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