A Manual Of Hindu Marriage

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Marriage is an important institution of human society. In the remote past of human history man was living and behaving like an animal. Then he was hardly ever aware of his relationships to his parents, brother and sisters. In the biological kingdom, this primitive man was even subordinate in status to the animals. Neither did he have the strength of an elephant nor the sharp teeth and claws of the carnivore. He did not even have the hard protective hide of the rhinoceros and could not save his life by any other extraordinary physical capability. Nevertheless, he did possess the unique human instinct of cooperation and organization, with the help of which, he could dominate over the animals besides protecting and proliferating his own species. But in spite of this natural trait, in absence of permanent arrangements for housing, food and clothes, the primitive man was living in small groups, in large caves and on trees. Since in those days the institution of family had not come into existence, the relation between man and woman was different from what it is today, in modern times. Then, all women members of the community were being treated as common sexual partners and their progenies regarded as children of the community. According to a reference in Mahabharata, analyzing the problems of this system, a social reformer named Shwet Ketu proposed and established the institution of marriage from which evolved the present set of family.

Table of content


• Customs and traditions

• Ceremonial expenditure

• Oaths for the bride

• Purpose behind sacred rites

• An ideal marriage

• General arrangements

• A check list of arrangement

• The preliminary rituals

• Mangalaacharnam

• Pavitrikarnam

• Aachamanam

• Shikhaavandanam

• Praanaayaamah

• Nyaasah

• Prithivee poojanam

• Var satkaar

• Aasan

• Paadya

• Arghya

• Aachaman

• Naivedya – madhuparka

• Varan sootra dhaaranam

• Chandan dhaarnam

• Yagyopaweet dhaarnam

• Kalashpoojanam

• Deep poojanam

• Guru poojanam

• Gayatree poojanam

• Gayatri poojanam

• Gauri poojanam

• Sarvadev namaskarh

• Shodashopachaar poojanam

• Swastiwaachanam

• Rakshaavidhaanam

• (Mantra for protection of yagya and its participants)

• Vivaaha ghoshnaa

• Mangla ashtakam

• Paraspar upahaar – vastropahaar

• Pushpophaar maalyaarpan

• Hastapeet karanam

• Kanyaadaan guptadaan

• Kanyaadan

• Gayatri mantraahutihi

• Gaudaan

• Maryaadaakarnam

• Paanigrahan

• Granthi bandhan

• Process and conceptualisation

• The oath – taking ceremony

• Direction and motivation

• Process and conceptualisation

• Oaths for the groom

• Yagya

• Agnisthaapanam

• Samidhaa dhaanam

• Jal prasechanam

• Aajyaahutihi

• Praayashchitya homah

• Shilaarohanam

• Laajaahomah

• Parikramaa

• Satapadi

• Aasan parivartanam

• Paadprakshaalanam

• Soorya dhyaanam

• Dhruva dhyaanam

• Shapath aashvaasan

• Sumangalee – sindoor daan

• Mangal tilakam

• Swishtakrit homah

• Poornaahutihi

• Vasordhaaraa

• Neeraajanam – aaratee

• Ghrit – avaghraanam

• Bhasma – dhaaranam

• Kshamaa praarthanaa

• Saashtaang namaskaarah

• Abhishek sinchanam

• Visarjanam

• About the Author

Author brahmavarchas
Edition 2011
Publication yug nirman yojana press
Publisher Yug Nirman Yojana Vistara Trust
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  • 5 Dec 2021

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