Author: Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

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A comprehensive treatise on the super-science of Gayatri was written by Achanjashri and was originally published in three volumes. Now it is available in a single compact volume. On his return from his solitary sojourn in the Himalayas in 1961 he started writing and publishing his translations of and commentaries on the Vedas, Upnishads, Sntritis, Darshan Shastras and Puranas. He also wrote four volumes of Pragya Pureran, thousands of books and booklets on a varieties of topics : spiritual, moral, ethical, so¬cial - always stressing the basic unity and inter-beingness of all phenomena

The present book gives, in question-answer form, English translation of pertinent excerpts from Acharyashris writings. It is hoped that the material in this compilation will help the seekers, aspiring to take up Gayatri Sadhana, in clearing their doubts about this particular path of Sadhana.

Table of content

1. Why is an idol or picture used for worship of God, who is formless? Are there more than one Gayatri?
2. Why is Gayatri visualized as a young woman with its peculiar ornaments?
3. In what way the twenty-four Emanations of the Divine Mother (Matrikas) represent Gayatri?
4. Are Gayatri and Savitri different?
5. What are the specific divine attributes associated with Gayatri and Savitri?
6. Why is the primordial power of God (Gayatri) repre¬sented in many differing forms (idols)?
7. Why is Gayatri represented as a deity with five faces?
8. Why is Gayatri known as Tripada - the trinity?
9. Why is Gayatri designated as Vedmata, Devmata and Vishwamata?
10. What is the relationship between Gayatri Mantra and other powers of God?
11. What is Savita?
12. Why is Gayatri Upasana considered supreme as com to pared other forms of worship?
13. What are the basic aims of Gayatri Sadhana?
14. What is the relevance of Gayatri Upasana to the modern society?
Author Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
Edition 2009
Publication Shri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust
Publisher Shri Vedmata Gayatri Trust
Page Length 80
Dimensions 90mm X 130mm X 4mm
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  • 27 Sep 2021

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