Extrasensory Potentials Of The Mind

Author: Pandit Shriram Sharma Aacharya

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The present book has brought in-depth details on the myths and realities of the extrasensory perceptions, supramental talents and supernormal experiences. It is compiled from the translation of the Chapter 6 of the Volume 18 of Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Vangmaya series. The author has thoroughly attended to multiple aspects of the cosmic evolution of consciousness in the human body, spiritual transmutation of hidden intellect and activation of the extrasensory power centers like the sahastrara cakra and the ajna cakra by different kinds of yoga sadhanas with adept guidance. He has also discussed — along with evidential examples — the possibilities of sudden arousal of supernatural faculties because of the intrinsic mental tendencies and spiritual assimilation since past live(s), and the use of hypnotism and yoganidra in psychic healing, understanding the complexities of human mind and awakening of latent talents.

Several sections are devoted here to the riddles of Nature posed by the mysterious experiences ranging from —the recurrence of past events at specific places, sudden appearance of a ruined kingdom, etc, to — the esoteric existence of siddha pithas (aroused hermitages) in the impregnable domains of the Himalayas, journey of the other worlds through the black holes, etc.

The author provides a marvelous combination of rare information and references from the ancient scriptures and modern scientific research findings. The ample collection of authentic examples on each topic adds to the lucidity and liveliness of the book.

Table of content

1. The Wonders Of The Negligible
2. Cosmic Evolution In The Human Body
3. The Seeds of Super Knowledge Lie In Every Brain
4. Arcane Energy Centers In Human Body
5. The Source Of Eminent Talents
6. The Core of Infinite Potentials
7. Riddles of Nature — Challenges For The Intellect!
8. Hypnotism May Help Unfolding Of The Unconscious
9. Human Mind Or A Living Encyclopedia?
10. Vision Of The Hidden Eye
11. The Key Of Total Health Folded In The Neuronal Network
12. So Wonderful Is Our Mental Communication!
13. The Unique Power Of Thoughts
14. Telepathy Is Real And Feasible
15. The Multipurpose Instrument Of Human Body
16. Photographing The Imaginary
17. Our Prodigious Subliminal Powers
18. The Magical Effects of Brain-Activities
19. Mental Strength For Desired Success
20. Accidental Emergence Of E.S.P.
21. Decipher The Hidden Treasures
22. The Complexity Of Mind
23. Attainment Of Divine Potentials By Stimulation Of Sahastrara
24. The Amazing And Unknown World Living In The Human Body
25. Arousing The Dormant Might
26. The Linkage Of The Subtle With The Gross Body
27. Human Mind — Coherence Of Infinite Energy
28. The Latent Roots Of Powers
29. Know Your Future
30. Horizons Of Consciousness Beyond The
31. Sensory Functions
32. Keep Your Mind Open — Know The Unknown
33. The Radio-Communication And
34. Television Of The Brain Scientific Investigations On
35. Supernormal Faculties
36. Expression Of Hidden Talents
37. A Repository Of Supernatural Attainments
38. The Riddhis - Siddhis Endowed in
39. The Inner Mind
40. Emergence of Siddhis In The Inner
41. World By Yoga
42. Radiance Of Inner Strength
43. The Extra-terrestrial Voyage Of
44. The Subtle Body
45. The Secrets Entangled In Obscurity

Author Pandit Shriram Sharma Aacharya
Edition 2011
Publication Yug Nirman Yogana Vistrar Trust, Mathura
Publisher Yug Nirman Yogana Vistrar Trust, Mathura
Page Length 248
Dimensions 216mm X 140mm X 13mm
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  • 27 Sep 2021

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